Dr. Daoud Sayegh holds a Ph.D. in Public Law from the Sorbonne University in France. He is a Professor of Law at various universities in Lebanon. Since 1990, he served as adviser to the late Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, and he works in the same capacity with current Prime Minister Saad Hariri. Dr. Sayegh is a public figure closely related to political life in Lebanon. He is well-known in Lebanon for his political thoughts. His involvement in public administrations has been extensive. For many years, Dr. Sayegh was engaged in the Islamo-Christian dialogue in Lebanon and abroad. It is for this work that Pope Francis awarded him in 2015 the medal of ‘Grande Croix de Saint-Sylvestre;’ this high honor is bestowed for civil merits. He has had an extensive impact on Lebanese political life through editorials and articles, which he wrote in prominent newspapers and magazines, and through interviews with various media outlets and through lectures given in various conferences and forums. Dr. Sayegh is known to be “a man of dialogue;” he is a staunch believer in the entity, mission, and role of Lebanon and the necessity of the Christian presence in it. Dr. Sayegh has written many books on the Lebanese system and structure, including: "The Lebanese Regime in its Constants and Transformations," "Lebanon and the World between Role and Necessity," "Lebanon's Revolution of Enduring Freedom," and his most recent book is "Between Lebanon and Syria: From System to State."

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