Mr. Suheil Matar is the Spokesperson of the Lebanon Dialogue Initiative. He is the Vice-President for Public Affairs and Communications at NDU. For 30 years prior to his appointment as Vice-President, he held the position of Director of the Public Relations Office at NDU. Mr. Matar is also a member of the Council of Higher Education at the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Founder of several cultural, intellectual, and social associations in Lebanon, in addition to being actively engaged in several social and educational organizations, including the Lebanese Maronite League and the Rotary Club, Keserwan. He was appointed Advisor to several Lebanese Ministers as well as Advisor to late Lebanese President René Moawad. Mr. Matar holds two diplomas in Arabic Literature and History from the Lebanese University in addition to a Master’s degree in Arabic Language and Literature. In the past, and for several years, he was actively engaged in teaching in different schools in Lebanon and participated in the design of the new Academic Curricula for both the Intermediate and Baccalaureate levels. He has organized and participated in various local and international conferences. Mr. Matar is a recognized Lecturer and Speaker with more than twenty-five years of experience in education and higher education. He is also an accomplished author with more than twenty successful books on poetry, prose, and education; his publications regularly appear in newspapers and magazines. He was accorded the Said Akl Award in addition to the Knowledge Medal conferred by former Lebanese President Amin Gemayel and the Cedar Medal conferred by former Lebanese President Emile Lahoud.






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